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The Next‑Level Online Shop for Dispen­saries

  • Seamless integration
  • Smart ecommerce
  • Designed for local success

Like a Shopify theme — reimagined for Dutchie Ecommerce.

About Janepop

We’re here to boost your dispensary's online sales in a real, tangible way. With practical SEO and a website that reflects your unique style, we ensure you're the go-to spot online in your local area.

We bring the tech smarts, you get an online storefront that your customers love and find easily. It’s that simple.

Why Choose Janepop

  1. Consistent Branding vs Basic Widgets

    Your online store will look like part of your brand, making shopping smooth and boosting sales.

    Basic widgets can look okay, but they often give shoppers a clunky experience, which might cost you sales.

  2. SEO That Works vs SEO That's Missing

    Your shop gets noticed online because every page is built to get you found in local searches, bringing in more customers.

    Standard e-commerce widgets don't help with SEO, so it's tougher for customers to find you online.

  3. Powerful Customi­zations vs Rigid Options

    You get to decide how your products show up online, making your site a strong sales tool.

    With typical widgets, you're stuck with what you get, which doesn't do much for your brand or sales.

More Great Reasons

  • Rapid Deployment

    Quick setup, fast results. Get your digital storefront up and running in no time, so you can start reaping the benefits ASAP.

  • Always Up-to-Date, Always Supported

    Continuous updates and dedicated support, ensuring your site is always at its best.

  • Mobile-Optimized Experience

    Delight your customers with a mobile experience that's as smooth as it is engaging — no matter the device.

  • Smart Search Results

    Your customers easily find what they’re looking for with our smart search, enhancing their shopping and boosting your sales.

  • Automated Deals Pages

    Your deals pages stay up-to-date automatically, showcasing your latest specials to keep customers coming back for more.